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remotely install?



  • Support Team


    Really we have a way to install remotely, but it is illegal in most countries/regions, so we decided to disable it from 2014 to now. You must let the owner of your target device know about this installation - they are your staff or your children.

    Physical access of 5 minutes is required for the installation. As soon as the installation is completed, all the data monitored will be available through your personal online account immediately. You can check it at your user control panel site at the bottom of this email.

    You can visit our forum or our support site for more knowledge-base, troubleshooting, or how to install the app on your target device (many articles on our support site).


  • Support Team

    If you make a purchase, please request a refund.  Our billing team will issue the refund within 48 hours.

    Send an email request to



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