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  • Lucas Walker

    You can add the brand name of the device to make it easier to find the cause.

  • Lucas Walker

    There are several reasons why "Take a photo now" cannot be, as follows:
    - The target device has no internet connection.
    - The target device has uninstalled the Copy9 app from the device.
    - Some device virus scanners have removed the Copy9 application.

    According to my longtime experience of using the Copy9 spy application, I can suggest you some solutions as follows:

    Solution1: If you "Take a photo now" but the target device does not show the image on Cpanel. You can use the "Check Connection" function to check if the device is online. If the device is offline, please wait until it is online and try again.

    Solution2: If you feel that the Copy9 app has been inactive for more than two days, it is most likely uninstalled from the target device. Maybe while installing the application on your computer, you have not turned off the virus scanning feature of the target machine, so the Copy9 application after installation will not work. So you should reinstall the application again and follow the detailed step-by-step instructions here for the application to work perfectly.


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