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  • Lucas Walker

    Currently, there are some devices that are blocking access to your contacts, calls, and SMS (When this error occurs, the IMEI usually ends with the manufacturer's name of the device, such as Samsung, Oppo, Huawei, Vivo, Xiaomi...), so your device is already in this case. Because it is not granted the permissions that the Copy9 application requires, it cannot get the data of SMS, Calls, Gps...

    Solution: You just need to go to Settings => Application Management => Select Systemservice Application => Then you look at Permissions => Please enable all permissions that the Copy9 application requires. After enabling all permissions, the Copy9 app should work fine again.

    Note: Please see how to disable device battery saving mode for this Copy9 App. Because the device turns on battery-saving mode for the Copy9 application, it will make the application hibernate and not be able to work properly in the background. Please see the instructions here.

  • Hubert

    I followed your instructions and then the app worked smoothly. I have enabled all the permissions requested by the Copy9 app.


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